Grivel Air Tech Evolution – When Ever Things Obtain A Bit Technical

When selecting an ice axe it’s important you select the best one to complete the job at hands. If you’re into climbing ice, then you may need a technical ranked ice axe that is capable of doing holding unwanted weight. One axe that springs in your thoughts may be the Grivel Air Tech Evo.

The Grivel evolution is really a technical ranked (T-ranked) ice tool with a shaft able to withstanding as much as 400kg in weight. The shaft is slightly curved that makes it ideal for anchoring as well as gives the additional benefit of safeguarding both your hands when swinging in the snow or ice. Getting a curve within the shaft, helps safeguard both hands since they’re farther away from the snow.

Another essential requirement is really a strong axe mind. The best and most powerful heads are the type made from just one bit of hardened steel. The Evolution ice axe has been created having a single bit of hot forged Chromolly steel. The pick around the mind includes a positive curve which assists you to climb the steeper ice (under 70 levels). It is because the downward curve, makes connecting in to the ice safer. Powering the mind is really a shovel that you can use for cutting actions within the hard ice.

The Environment Tech Evo Will work for climbing all downhill ice and it is also employed for self-arrest. Another advantage of the ice axe could it be is lightweight (only 16.1oz). This really is handy at maintaining your weight lower while climbing the mountain. Although the axe is light still it shifts well at ice because of the curved shaft.

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