How Can An International SEO Company Benefit From A Virtual Receptionist?

Most businesses now realise the importance of search engine optimisation. The high street is still in decline, people are increasingly doing their shopping online and consequently, many companies are seeing their profits skyrocket as a result of increased online sales. That’s why your duty as an SEO company is so important, because these businesses are relying on you to bolster their rank on the leading search engines.

If you’re operating on an international scale, you’re no doubt working with an abundance of clients who most probably have requests on a regular basis. You may have staff with SEO expertise, but you might lack the number of employees needed to make sure the phones are answered every time – and quickly. For that reason, you might benefit from using virtual receptionist services offered by Message Direct, as that means you can focus on the technicalities of your business by outsourcing your call centre duties.

The Benefits of a Message Taking Service

Your SEO company can increase its customer service offering by outsourcing call centre duties. There’s always somebody on hand to answer calls quickly, and there are experts from every industry waiting to deal with queries.

  • Call centre staff who work around the clock – When you’re targeting customers from all over the world with your services, you’ll be working in all different time zones and almost certainly outside your normal working hours. Unfortunately, your company can’t clock off when you do, and that means you’ll need staff on hand to answer the phone to resolve any questions. Outsource your call centre duties to a virtual receptionist, and you’ll always have somebody ready to answer questions on behalf of your business.
  • English speaking employees – English remains the business language of the world, and that means you need to know that staff dealing with your customers are fluent in English. The company mentioned above has its call centre located in the UK, meaning they’ll be able to deal with international queries without any problems. Your customer base will certainly appreciate talking to somebody who can give direction clearly.

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  • Customer queries will be dealt with efficiently – When a customer has a problem or difficulty, they want to speak with somebody immediately, and you might not have the time to run to the phone every time it rings when you’re so busy with other tasks. Outsource your calls to a virtual receptionist, and the phone will be answered within six seconds ensuring your customers will receive advice almost immediately.

You might not receive enough phone calls on a daily basis to necessitate the need for full-time call centre staff. You could save yourself the cash from running a full department by utilising external experts instead. If you have more time to focus on profit-based activities while ensuring your customer service is enviable, you’ll no doubt increase the chances of ensuring business success for many years to come.

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