How is LIMS useful for regulatory tasks within governmental bodies?

In governmental bodies, the emphasis is on achieving confidentiality, data integrity, accurate results, responsiveness, proficiency, environmental monitoring and so on. Some of the benefits that governmental bodies get by implementing LIMS are as follows:

  • Complete tracking of samples, tests, aliquots, containers and so on, to provide a holistic traceability as per the standards.
  • A complete chain of custody attributes such as legal seals and so forth.
  • A Comprehensive quality control functionality such as calibrations, container conditions, controls, dups, holding times, surrogates, spikes, and so forth. It also includes parameterization and template based methods.
  • Capability record keeping.
  • Tracking and reinforcement of lab/sampling personnel training or certification.
  • There are automated multi-sample features and the manual logging improves the level of accuracy and overall response time.
  • Several tools are there to manage backlogs and to conduct testing in more efficient ways, to ensure no samples are ever lost, to track the response time figures, to respond to complaints timely, and so on.
  • A complete traceability and audit tracking are available to ensure proper accountability and auditability.
  • Control of specifications, maintenance procedures, SOP documents, analytical documents, and so on, for standard compliance plays an important enabling feature under the criteria for certification.
  • Automated statistical control to get quality reporting.
  • Provides flexibility in specialized sample identification configuration to meet every unique demand.
  • To improve response time and accuracy by providing Web or Windows thin client facility for remote request submission purposes.
  • To completely track the Prep and Analytical slots and functions.
  • Workflow automation such as barcoding, auto logging, and auto-approval options for the optimization of productivity and reduction of errors.
  • Integration of instruments to streamline the output and lessens the errors.
  • High flexibility in configurations of tests or calculations in order to support varied test mixtures and products.
  • Automatic handling of multiple dilutions.

There is an infinite number of benefits that a governmental body can take advantage of from the implementation of LIMS. For quality LIMS products get in touch with Blaze Systems today!

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