How to Choose the Best Mobile Phone for Your Needs

Australia has always embraced new developments in communication. Where the population was slow to adopt mobile phone use in many other countries, Australians were eager to investigate the new communication possibilities represented by an increasing number of vendors offering mobile phones.

Of course, as smartphones have become widely available and affordable, Australians of all ages have embraced them. It would have seemed positively strange for anyone twenty or thirty years ago to imagine a society where our phones could fit in our pockets and be powered by small rechargeable batteries. Indeed, it would definitely have sounded like science fiction back then to suggest that our phones would quickly become tiny powerful computers.

Choosing a Phone

There are a wide range of mobile phones and mobile phone plans available. In fact, there are now so many that choosing the right one can seem very daunting. In the spirit of helping people choose the best mobile phone in Australia for themselves, here are some tips:

  • Operating system: For many people, choosing a smartphone is primarily a question of choosing the phone operating system that suits them. In this respect, there are three major players in the market: Android, Apple iOS, and Windows. Android is perhaps the most extensible and customisable, and it even powers other Android-based systems, including ColorOS, from the OPPO company. Choosing one is largely a question of personal preference, but since applications are also very popular, it might be best to go with the one that offers either the applications you rely on or have already invested money in.
  • Phone: There are a wide range of phones available, but once you have chosen your operating system, the choices of phone narrow to a manageable array of choices. Are you a heavy user of your phone? Do you play a lot of source-intensive games? Do you only intend to make calls, send texts, and check email? The heavier your phone usage patterns, the more powerful a phone you will likely need. In this respect, a smartphone with at least 2 gigabytes of available RAM is a good starting point. Phones under $100 tend to be better for lighter use due to having lesser specifications.
  • Phone plan: You can now go out and simply purchase a SIM card from any of the major communications vendors. This makes it very easy to switch plans and phone numbers should you ever need to. When choosing a plan, the amount of internet data you use is always going to be a prime consideration. If you are a heavy user, go with a big data plan. If you use your phone more for voice and texts, data may not be as important. The other thing to consider is coverage. If you live outside of a major metro area or travel in these areas for work, you should choose a vendor with the best coverage in these rural areas.

Thinking Through Your Mobile Phone Choices

Though there are a wide range of mobile phones on the market today, choosing the right one for you need not be a terrible chore. How you use the phone will inform most of the decisions you make about choosing the right phone for you.

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