How To Put Wards on Summoner’s Riftand Win Your Battles inLoL

League of Legends continues to throw more challenges to gamers’ way than any other game. This is probably the main reason youngsters like it and want to play it on a regular basis. If you are one such gaming enthusiast who loves playing League of Legends, you need to learn a few important things about this popular game as soon as possible.  Once you clear the initial hurdles in LoL, you are exposed to bigger challenges, such as warding. It sounds simple, but if you don’t know how to ward, you may end up losing your game. Pay attention to these important tips and take actions accordingly-

Your Lanes Are Important, Ward Them

You read it right. No matter how strong you think, your strategy is, unless you protect top, mid and bottom lanes, you can’t expect to clear any of your levels. Top lane is most isolated and vulnerable to any kind of attack, which means that you have to shift your focus to it right from the beginning. When it comes to the mid lane, you can ward it and stop the river ways for your enemies. This step will further reduce their strength and give you an edge without any extraordinary effort. In short, you can’t afford to neglect any of your lanes, if warding comes on top of your list.

Be Support & Jungler without Any Expectation

More often than not, gamers tend to take jungler’s position over a support profile. If you are new to League of Legend universe, you shouldn’t have such mindset. Both of these profiles have their own importance and play very crucial role in every game. If you want to ward effectively, you need to be ready to take either of these responsibilities.

Being a jungler, you are exposed to more risk than any other role, but you also have more opportunities to cash in on than any other role. Besides, you can track enemy’s jungler and counter-gank, which will strengthen the position of your team. While making full use of this opportunity, make sure you also take care of objectives and ward them properly. Failure to this may hamper your plans to win the game.

After reading this guide, you must have got a perfect idea of where to put wards on summoner rift and clear League of Legends levels in a hassle-free manner.

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