Keeping Awesome: Innovation in Data Center Technology

Innovation in technologies are usually born in the capacity restrictions of the present technology. Companies attempt to deal with the problem for a while, devising solutions that push the present limits just a little further. However, you will see a breakthrough. Among the potential solutions takes care of and boosts the bar once more.

A significant recent breakthrough available market has been around storage capacity. We had commercial computer systems jump from storage capabilities of mb to gb then rapidly develop to terabytes.

What limits exist on current data center technology and just how are innovators attempting to overcome them?

Presently, among the primary limits to data center technologies are really power. New high-performance machines require more and more energy to operate and convey much more heat. The machines need cooling to ensure that these to run brilliantly which, consequently, requires more power. Thus an account balance between cooling and infrastructure power should be arrived at as well as an sufficient energy supply found.

Since you may expect, among the companies innovating the main thing on this problem is Google. In their data center in Belgium, Google happen to be experimentation with natural cooling solutions. Because they build their servers in individual cabin rentals and locating them outdoors, they’ve harnessed natural air-flow to cool down the.

A number of you might be sceptical of the approach, in the end, whether it were a situation of utilizing natural ventilation to help keep servers awesome, wouldn’t everybody did it? Well, the main difference at Google is they are experimentation by running their servers at much greater temperature than most data centres. At peak occasions, once the temps within their server sheds are extremely hot for humans to operate easily, they take ‘excursion hours’ from physical maintenance to begin other work, departing their servers to operate around 30-40º C.

But does not operating at high temps significantly reduce server reliability?

Curiously enough, less than it may seem. Scientists at Toronto College have discovered the error rate for servers with regards to temperature isn’t the exponential curve they initially expected. Rather it had been an easy straight line increase before you hit 50º C, meaning centres could run completely easily at far greater temps than is presently thought acceptable. Actually, they calculate that data centres could save 4% of the energy for each degree warmer they permit their servers to operate (levels F that’s). What this means is google’s data center in Belgium is definitely their most energy-efficient yet.

Google has indeed set an uplifting example. As the Internet giant certainly elevated the bar, it do not need to represent the be all and finish all innovative thinking.

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