Outsourcing to the Right People

It is often assumed that people who work with computers a lot – like bankers, accountants, or even cashiers – are technologically gifted. It is assumed that they know everything inside and out of a computer that makes it work. But nothing could be further from the truth. Just because I make a living on the internet does not mean I design websites for people or that I even know how to design a website. The same thing goes for people who make their living as search engine optimization specialists. Just because they know how to get a website ranking on the search engines does not mean that they manage someone else’s social media accounts. One does not always equal the other.

The one thing that always bothered me the most is people assuming I know how to create ebook covers just because I have launched a few books in the past. Yes, my sales pages do have ebook covers on them. It helps me sell more ebooks, but that does not automatically mean I know how to create them. I suck at graphic design. I am terrible at using Photoshop. I simply do not have an eye for anything artsy. Which is why I always outsource graphic type work – like website design, ebook cover designs, banner designs, or anything else that might require me to use Photoshop (or have visually artistic abilities). Ask me to write a novel, a sonnet, write a short story, or even a how-to guide, and I’m all yours. That stuff comes easy to me. I enjoy doing it. And I’m pretty good at doing it. It’s my area of expertise. Or should I say: It is what I specialize in! Just don’t ask me to create something from nothing using Photoshop though, or design a website, or worse – come up with an ebook cover all by myself. It won?t happen. I simply do not have that in me. Which is why I outsource such tasks to people who specialize doing them.

There is no point in me trying to do them all by myself because I would waste hours trying to figure something out that someone else – with the right expertise – could do in minutes. And here?s the best part: The work the expert would do in 15 minutes would look better than if I spent 15 hours on it. The only thing worse than people assuming your abilities is you assuming abilities you really do not have. Swallow the pride and find the right person for the job. The pennies you?ll spend will save you fortunes in time.

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