Security Tools for Android Mobile

Dependency over mobile is growing within our existence. We store 100s of valuable professional and personal data on cell phones. There’s a large concern between customers associated with security of information from stepping into wrong hands. Nobody likes that their phone will get stolen or lost. There are lots of security programs for Smartphone that provide you reassurance from security threat. I will demonstrate a few of the popular security application for Android phone.


Lookout application is really a complete security package for Android Phone. It offers a superior anti-virus, firewall and invasion prevention services. This application is extremely light. In case your phone is stolen or lost simply login in to the web interface and you may easily find the place of the phone on map. You may also get back-from all of your Phone data remotely.


WaveSecure is extremely helpful Android security application much like Lookout. If just in case you loose your contact you can lock lower you mobile also it become useless for other people. Mobile monitoring facility like Lookout can also be obtainable in it. You may also get back-from phone data remotely using web interface. One big feature which isn’t obtainable in Lookout is that you could also wipe all of your data from phone remotely.


Protector can also be Android security Application but it’s not the same as Lookout and WaveSecure. It safeguards your mobile using password. Even you may also lock your application or any sort of feature in our mobile application under password protection. Your mobile application can get completely protected as well as to uninstall it you need pin code. It security feature is helpful for a lot of customers.

A large drawback using these security apps is the fact that there’s no choice for recover pin. Should you lost or forget your pin code then you’ll end up inside a serious problem. So make certain you don’t lose your pin code.

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