Why You Should Have a Blender in Your Kitchen

When people think of blenders, they think of fruit smoothies, but there’s much more to your appliance than you think! Just take a look at these crafty ideas for your next culinary project.


Blenders are an excellent way to prepare eggs for making fluffy, restaurant-style omelettes. Just add two eggs, a tablespoon of heavy cream and some salt and pepper, and then blend on high for a minute. When the mixture is frothy, it’s ready to be used!


Whipped Cream

Your appliance can also make whipped cream in about twenty seconds. Just put in the ingredients, turn it on high and you have homemade whipped cream, a much better version for your health than the store-bought variety.


If you’re an avid gardener, sometimes it’s too late for you to wait for your compost scraps to decompose on their own. Just add them to the jar, minus any hard pitsor bits, and pulse it on high until it looks like a mushy liquid. Then pour that liquid around your plants and watch them soak up the nutrients!

compost scraps

Homemade Coffee Grounds or Ground Spices

If you don’t want to invest in a coffee grinder for the sole purpose of grinding coffee, then think about purchasing this appliance instead. Just add the whole beans to the jar and pulse them on high until they’re all ground up. Just be sure to leave the lid on the blender for a few minutes to allow the dust to settle.

You can also do this with spices. When using spices, it’s better to purchase whole seeds and leaves and grind them up at home yourself. The whole versions have more of the natural oils in them that hold the flavour of the spice.


Homemade pesto is an excellent way to turn some leftover herbs into something delicious for whole-grain breads or pasta. Just add the herbs and a little oil and pulse it!

Homemade pesto

Tomato Sauce

If you have a surplus of tomatoes either from your garden, the local farmer or just from a sale at the grocery store, why not make some tomato sauce? It’s very simple! Add some cooked and seasoned tomatoes to the jar and pulse them for thirty seconds until they’re a smooth sauce. Then freeze them for up to six months and enjoy your flavourful tomatoes even when they’re not in season.


Many blenders are made with beautiful, glass jars that can double as a pitcher! Rather than having to dirty up more than one dish at a party, just set the jar out there for everyone to pour their beverage from! Make some flavourful punches or some old-fashioned margaritas.


Blenders are very useful, everyday appliances for the kitchen. They can be used to make many different types of foods, and even help you prep spices and coffee. Of course, last but not least, one of the greatest things to make with one of these is a nice, refreshing smoothie. Just add some fresh berries, a little yogurt and blend away!

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