Bitsat review guide for 2016

In an exam like Bitsat, the speed of solving the questions is very crucial. Answering about 162 questions in 180 minutes is easier said than done. So to perform well in the BITSAT, you need a thorough practice specifically of the BITSAT type.

You must have all your formulae on your finger tips ready to apply and slove.Deriving a formula during the exam may prove to be a tedious job and might have devastating effects.

You must also get used to solving problems of all kinds and patterns. BITSAT is quite a tough exam and will not have questions which have direct answers to.

Therefore we suggest you to time yourself with a number of practice papers. Some of the students use Arihant book while preparing for BITSAT and even we think that it was one of the best one available. Practicing for English will be rather unnecessary if you have a good command over the language.

We would rather suggest you to invest your time in finishing the test paper well ahead of three hours, because exam pressure may cause you to react differently on the very day of the exam. Taking a lot of pressure will only make it harder for you to focus during the exam. Relax the day before and give your mind a proper rest in order to be in a good position to face the test.

Also we would suggest you to choose to appear for Bitsat before any other competitive exam you plan to face during that time. This will prevent your performance from getting affected due to any other trivial exams.

However this thing differs from person to person. Following are a few things which we would recommend everyone to do:Complete whole of your syllabus before time.

  • Remember to make short notes of each subject.
  • Learn all the formulae thoroughly.

Once you are familiar with all the concepts of the subject matter, buy ARIHANT Book and get yourself busy in solving the exercises. Begin with solving last year question papers. This way you will get an overall idea about pattern of the question paper being set. One more thing you can do to evaluate yourself is to enroll yourself in a test-series of any institute.

  • Proper time management is the key to succeed in BITSAT. Only then you could think of attempting 150 questions in the allotted 3 hours. We would highly recommend you to buy a good Book and start solving the question papers and mock papers. Practice as much as you can!
  • Revise the chapters from revise notes you made earlier in order to save time.
  • Mug up all the formulas to save a lot of time while solving the questions.
  • Remember not to spend time endlessly on a single question if you are stuck at it. Move on to the next and attempt as much you can!
  • Take at least 15 mocks from toady till the final day of Bitsat exam. But before attempting any mock test make sure to revise the whole syllabus and then try the Arihant book.
    Try solving the papers in about 2 1/2 hrs so that you get time for solving the extra tough questions that you have rather failed to answer previously.
  • Revise, correct and remember your mistakes in mocks
  • Aim for 80-90% accuracy in attempting the question paper
  • Based on your performance decide whether you want to randomly mark the un-attempted questions so that you get access to the bonus questions to improve your scores.
  • Make a note that a score of 300+ is considered safe for getting admission in the bits pilani.

Good Luck!

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