Information around the LTO Backup Tape Technology

Within this era, copying critical data is essential for those companies regardless of size. Data could be lost anytime because of the abundance of infections, malware and online hackers. The worst situation scenario is no backup from the lost information is available and therefore the information sheds permanently. For this reason there are a variety of storage products utilized by companies to make certain their information is securely guaranteed. One particular hard drive may be the Straight line Tape Open (LTO) technology.

The LTO Backup Tapes produced by IBM, The new sony and Seagate make use of a 1 / 2 inch magnetic tape having a single reel closed cartridge to keep data rapidly and securely. It’s the most widely used storage format within the data storage industry today, but for whatever reason isn’t that broadly known. If somebody considers storage than immediately exterior hard disk drives pops to their mind. However, for lengthy term storage and archival of knowledge, the LTO tapes are regarded as better than hard disk drives. Let’s consider this storage format and also the various decades available for sale in greater detail.

A few of the primary popular features of the LTO format would be the large storage capacity, it offers, the faster bandwith rate offered, the astonishing security measures and also the accessibility to an array of modifications to look after all small, medium and enormous sized companies. These LTO Backup Tapes can be found in many leading brands including HP, The new sony, Maxell, IBM, Quantum, Dell, Fuji and Imation. The various decades from the LTO format range from the LTO-1, LT0-2, LTO-3, LTO-4, LTO-5 and also the LTO-6 Data Backup Tapes. These different decades were launched a few years apart and every new generation introduced newer and more effective features while enhancing existing features.

Generally, every new generation from the LTO format included an elevated data storage capacity. As an example the LTO-1 Tape included 100 GB capacity, whereas the LTO-2 introduced an elevated 200 GB storage capacity. Another general upgrade with every new generation was the rise in bandwith rate. As an example the bandwith rate from the LTO-4 Data Backup Tape is 120 MB/s as the LTO-5 Data Backup Tape includes a bandwith rate of 140 MB/s. Together with these primary enhancements, some key new enhancements include the development of W.O.R.M. (Write Once Read Many) using the LTO-3 Tape, the development of file encryption capacity towards the LTO-4 Tape and also the new Straight line Tape Open System (LTFS) using the LTO-5 Tape.

Overall the LTO format is a success within the storage industry with new versions scheduled to be released in in the future, it will still be an essential storage media

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